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Motivation and Getting Results for 2016 and Beyond

December 27, 2015  © Copyright Glomacs

I could write an endless story about motivation and how historically it’s been achieved. I would rather focus on key issues that have shaped our ideas on motivation and in particular things that really work… Read More

Fair Pay?

December 27, 2015  © Copyright Glomacs

Employers are increasingly getting dissatisfied with using standard pay packages only to find that they don’t work well for their organisation. Using a dashboard approach to measurement, the three main ingredients which make up productivity… Read More

Towards Wellness

December 23, 2015  © Copyright Glomacs

The basic human needs of security and significance determine a person’s behaviour. I AM deeply grateful to psychologist Dr. Larry Crabb for expressing his views that humans have deepest longings for the two basic human… Read More

Making Training Pay

December 23, 2015  © Copyright Glomacs

Does training add value? If you ask any HR department all training function the answer would certainly be yes. What’s the same question to the CP or CF any answer would be completely different. So… Read More

Differentiation for Talent Management

December 23, 2015  © Copyright Glomacs

An HR recipe for dramatic productivity improvement There surely has never been a better time for human resources to excel. With tighter fiscal control and a business drive for more efficiency it is providing human… Read More

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