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Innovation and Creativity: Don’t Leave it to Chance

February 29, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

Innovation has long been recognised as one of the most crucial factors that affects an organisation’s success. The only constant in life is that things change and evolve, and if your competitors are evolving when… Read More

Is Now the Time to Reduce Your Training Budget?

February 25, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

The global economy is experiencing an economic downturn that is having a major impact on all industries and all organisations. This has resulted in many organisation cutting their training budgets and overall learning and development… Read More

Integrated Thinking & Reporting: From a Promising Concept to a Powerful Practice

February 15, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

The landscape of Corporate Reporting is changing quickly – no doubt about that. The concepts, elements and principles that characterize the way organizations report their annual performances are currently being questioned, debated, and redesigned throughout… Read More

9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit

February 1, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

It’s pretty incredible how often we hear managers complaining about their best employees leaving. Managers tend to blame their turnover problems on everything under the sun, while ignoring the crux of the matter: people don’t… Read More

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