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What’s this got to do with Time Management?

March 27, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

Last year I was facilitating a course on time management. It’s a great course and unlike many programmes, explores how our complex work environment often seems to conspire to make managing time and achieving goals… Read More

Management Systems to Help Your Organisations
Survive and Thrive

March 20, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

With the depressed oil market and the general economic concerns affecting industry, commerce and government around the world it is an opportune time to look at how to make your organization more efficient and effective.… Read More

The UAE Economic Climate and the Future of Dubai

March 15, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

The economic climate in the Middle East has slowed. There is no escaping that reality; the fall in crude and wider political instability has lead to a slow in growth of the UAE private sector.… Read More

The Impact of Falling Oil Prices
in the Middle East on Britain

March 13, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

Last week, credit ratings agency Moody’s announced planned reviews to possibly downgrade four Gulf states; Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. This comes after 18 months of turmoil in the oil and gas industry… Read More

Financial Awareness:
‘Leave it to the bean-counters’ just will not do

March 13, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee – in an economic downturn, financial awareness really is crucial for non-financial managers as well accountants and financial managers. Since mid-2014 when the price of crude… Read More

Focus on Contracts Management

March 6, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

The declining oil price has been widely documented in recent times and we are still uncertain as to what is really happening in the market and what even the short term future will hold. One… Read More

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