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Delivering Successful Projects

April 26, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

All Change! It is evident with each passing year that the rate of change in all types of organisation continues to increase. So whilst competence in the core skills required to manage day to day… Read More

Training – “The Times they are a Changing”

April 21, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

There is a wind of change relating to training. Despite huge sums spent on training – has the investment produced the desired results? Regretfully suppliers of training who deliver unstructured and out of date training… Read More

Business Process Management: How to Thrive During the Economic Downturn

April 17, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

The Economy of the Middle East has changed greatly in the past thirty years.  The oil industry significantly impacts the entire region, both through the great wealth and improvements in the standard of living that… Read More

Survive And Thrive During An Economic Slow Down

April 11, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

Cycles of boom–bust–boom have historically followed repeated patterns, and during difficult economic periods it is vitally important for organisations to quickly identify key financial areas of focus to ensure not only their survival but to… Read More

Coping with Uncertainty – The Need for Agility

April 10, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

Almost all decisions are made under conditions of uncertainty. The planning models that served us so well in the past are proving to be less effective in an era of globalised supply-demand chains, shortening product… Read More

Get The Habit – The Power of Praise

April 3, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

STOP READING THIS ARTICLE …. for just one minute and think back to when a colleague, friend or family member took the time to observe something you did and praised you. Perhaps the scenario goes… Read More

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