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Financial Strategy – What do All Managers
Need to Know?

July 25, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

Financial Strategy involves decision making in three areas: Investment Financing Dividend policy Most theory assumes all companies have a single goal of maximising shareholder value. However many businesses have rather more complex objectives including objectives… Read More

Hope Creep

July 17, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

Continuing on the topic of project creeps – see previous post “Scope Creep: Balancing Risk and Value” – this post is about less known but very common phenomenon of Hope Creep, sometimes also referred to… Read More

Enhancing Happiness in Employees

July 11, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

In recent years, there has been an definite increase in the awareness of the importance of encouraging happiness in people as this would help improve the quality of life at work and at home. In… Read More

Social Loafing

July 5, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

Social loafing is the tendency for people in work groups to exert less effort than if they worked individually. It is culturally specific and more likely to occur in individualistic cultures such as the United… Read More

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