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Is Modern Technology Stealing Your Time?

November 30, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

The use of modern technology such as smartphones and other online distractions can be major time stealers. In a world where technology is now part of everyday life, ask yourself one question. Are you managing… Read More

The Truth About Lying

November 22, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

There are some people who can’t tell a lie, many who can’t tell the truth, and unfortunately, most people can’t tell the difference. Can you tell when someone is pulling the wool over your eyes?… Read More

Feature Creep

November 15, 2016  © Copyright Glomacs

Feature creep may seem to be the most harmless of all creeps. It happens when team members arbitrarily add extra features to the project deliverables because they think they know better or they just like… Read More

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