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What Does Your Organisation Want from HR?

January 22, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

  Corporate Punch Bag, Corporate Police Force or Something Else? Get it wrong and HR becomes the corporate punch bag and the corporate police force perhaps at the same time. Get it right and HR… Read More

Is the Cost of your Financing Higher than it Needs to be?

January 19, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

The cost of financing is one of the largest and most risk-associated costs faced by many organisations. Alternative types of financing may be considered to reduce the cost of finance and also increase the future… Read More

Justifying the Value, as well as the Assurance of Training and Development

January 15, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

In business, we often hear the terms ‘USP’ (Unique Selling Point) or the ‘differentiator’. These two terms (and similar), are used to describe the competitive advantage of one organisation over others. Organisations will focus on… Read More

The Important Skills They Don’t Teach in Finance Courses

January 12, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

Have you ever looked around at your audience whilst you were making a financial presentation to be met by a sea of confused, or bored, faces?  If you have, it’s hardly surprising because few, if… Read More

How to Think Like a Great Strategist?

January 9, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

The ability to think strategically is one of the key competencies that organisations look for in their leaders. The opposite style of ‘linear thinking’, when the past is used to predict the future, is now… Read More

Helping You Study

January 5, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

It is important to understand how to get the best out of studying. In order to do this we must appreciate when we are at our best to absorb information and knowledge. The human mind… Read More

Successful Strategic Decision-Making

January 3, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

  It is essential to understand how finance influences strategic decision-making in any organisation because it is the foundation for economic survival, development, growth and future prosperity. Are you familiar with the core principles of… Read More

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