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Can You ‘Master’ People & Teams?

March 30, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

How to ‘master’ people management & team leadership can be taught and makes a tangible difference to the manager, the team and the organization.  The difference between leadership and management is important to understand.  But… Read More

Towards a Reliable and Stable Power System…

March 21, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

Reliable electric power systems serve customer loads without interruptions at different voltage levels. Power plants are meant to generate enough power to meet the customer demand. At the same time, transmission systems are responsible for… Read More

HR with an Attitude!

March 15, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

For some years, there was a debate about whether or not Human Resources should have a “seat at the table.” In other words, should HR be treated like the other functional areas of the organization… Read More

Power System Protection – Past, Present & Future

March 9, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

Reliability and stability of power systems are among the most critical and controversial issues confronted by system operators, planning engineers, and protection engineers. In fact, due to the advent of smart grids and the need… Read More

Lower for Longer, is the Oil & Gas Industry
Heading for Skills Gap Crisis?

March 5, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

It is common headlines over the 5 years or more that we have seen record lows in oil price, which has seriously impacted the oil industry forcing a reduction in the workforce, as well as… Read More

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