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7 Habits to ruin RCA

7 habits to ruin your Root Cause Analysis (and how to avoid them)

August 24, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

Complex problems in your technical systems might appear not to be so complex at all, if your facilitators were able to keep it simple. But in a complex world we expect problems to be complex… Read More

5 Competencies of a Leader

5 Competencies of the Most Admired Leaders

August 21, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

What is it to be a leader?  Why do some people lead and some people follow?  The answers to these questions concerning leadership, and many more, can be seen in what we observe as well… Read More

Measure Porosity 1

Which Wireline Tools Do You Know That Can Measure Porosity?

August 17, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

If you believe that for most of you this will be a very easy question to answer, think it twice, most people will answer something like this: That is easy!!! Density, neutron & sonic, some… Read More


4 Principles to Improve FMECA Sessions and Quality

August 14, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis is a convenient method to gather knowledge and experience about the behavior of your technical systems, apart from the information and specifications you already have in your documentation. FMECA… Read More

Corporate Finance in a Nutshell

Corporate Finance in a Nutshell: A Jargon-Free Guide

August 10, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

It is no surprise that the term ‘Corporate Finance’ is not generally well understood, because even the accountants seem to think that it has three meanings. Broadly speaking these are: Corporate Finance – the Money… Read More

Future for Oil & Gas

The Future of Global Oil and Gas Business

August 7, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

The Global Oil and Gas Business is going through a period of significant change.  The outlook for prices is uncertain, problematic, and subject to pressures from alternative energy sources.  In addition the growth in global… Read More

Waterworld – The Earth Has Seen It Before

Waterworld – The Earth Has Seen It Before

August 2, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

Waterworld is a 1995 American post-apocalyptic science fiction action film starring Kevin Costner. The setting of the film is in the distant future. Although no exact date was given in the film itself, it has… Read More

Keep Your Financial Accounting Skills

Keep Your Financial Accounting Skills Set-Sharp & Relevant

August 1, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

“Are you losing touch with your financial accounting know-how and getting left behind in today’s world of rapid change and economic turmoil?” You may think your financial accounting know-how is adequate and up-to-date for financial… Read More

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