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Creative Strategic Planning & Leadership

Strategy is NO more a Game of Chess!

September 28, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

Strategic management is the activity that managers undertake for one purpose only – to create tomorrow’s organisation out of today’s.  It contrasts with operational management whose purpose is – to execute the actions required to… Read More

Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship – How could it apply to me?

September 19, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

What is the meaning of “entrepreneur” and how could it apply to me? An entrepreneur is normally described as a person who takes personal risk and responsibility for starting an organisation or taking an established… Read More

Maintenance Cost and Reliability

The link between Maintenance Costs and Reliability

September 11, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

In our search to manage, contain or control maintenance costs we need to accept first of all that we have no direct control over maintenance costs. Any cost control initiative requires that we must first… Read More

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