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Lead yourself first and then the others

Lead yourself first and then the others

October 26, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

“Lead yourself first and then the others,” Friedhelm Boschert, former Chairman of the Board of Volksbank International Vienna tells us in his book of the same name. Indeed, leading yourself is the first step to… Read More

Mistakes of a Team Leader

The 10 Biggest Mistakes of a Team Leader

October 22, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

The simple truth is that with good effective team leaders they can drive their teams to achieve all the critical aspects of their business goals and objectives. The quality of team leadership usually determines the… Read More

Effective Mentor

Who Makes an Effective Mentor?

October 19, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

Successful and rewarding careers are often shaped and guided at an early stage by the wisdom and generosity of a good and effective mentor. Mentors create opportunities and open doors. As a newcomer, you often… Read More

Is your workplace as stable as you’d like?

Is your workplace as stable as you’d like?

October 16, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

Have you opened an email to find the department or organisation is going through a restructure – and it has to be done now?  Have you planned for months the new project, only to find… Read More

Change your Life by Changing your Attitude

October 12, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

As a leader, the right attitude can define an average leader, from an extraordinary leader. Making decisions under pressure and handling conflict between team members can bring out the best or worst in a leader.… Read More

The Art of Coaching

The ‘Art’ of Coaching

October 5, 2017  © Copyright Glomacs

How many times have you had work issues that you feel are unsolvable?  How many times have you felt isolated and not getting the best out of individuals or your team?  How long has this… Read More

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