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A New Approach to Effective Interviewing

January 31, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

Why a Process? If you were to ask ten of your managers “what’s the best way to interview” I suspect you would get ten different answers, each convinced that their way was the best. Every… Read More

Should business strategy be built from the outside-in or inside-out?

January 18, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

For many years after business strategy emerged as a discipline in the midst of the 20th century, it was generally accepted that external analysis identified opportunities and threats, then internal analysis audited internal strengths and… Read More

We cannot build a reputation on our dreams but only on our actions

We Cannot Build a Reputation on our Dreams but only on our Actions

January 4, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

Advanced Health and Safety Management must not only consider legal compliance and people protection but must expand into Corporate Risk Management which has the objective to control risks that have the ability to adversely affect… Read More

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