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Believe that You can Start to measure the Impact

April 24, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

Imagine the Situation You are sitting down with a department head to review the impact of a 2 week long programme you have organised for 12 of his staff. You have collected data that says… Read More

Time for Change in HR

April 17, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

There has never been a more exciting time to be in Human Resources. In the next two year, there will be change on a scale comparable with the events during the Industrial Revolution. The interesting… Read More

The Value of Auditing

April 15, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

This article is about the value of analysis and auditing skills in understanding and improving business processes and organisations, whether the organisation is in the private or government sector. As an example from the government… Read More

Genetic Algorithms

April 5, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

Charles Darwin famously said that it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but it is the one that is most responsive to change. This concept lies at the… Read More

7 Essential Skills of Positive People

April 2, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

Positive people will have the following attitudes and attributes: 1.    They believe in themselves. Dr. Joyce Brothers said, “Many people succeed even when others don’t believe in them, but rarely does a person succeed when… Read More

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