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The World of Selling has Changed

October 14, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

Product knowledge, sales techniques and attitude have always been the three unshakable pillars of sales world.  However, the world of selling has changed and so to the pillars.  Consumers use multiple channels and multiple devices… Read More

The Greatest Challenge for Managers

October 9, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

Every business decision carry risk. For a long time, this topic has figured in the courses offered by GLOMACS in the fields of process design and technical operations management. Recently, we have added a new… Read More

Budgets and Pigeons

October 4, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

Some years ago I was advising a client organisation with regard to its budgeting and planning. A big part of the business was growing lettuces in greenhouses and supplying to a major supermarket chain.  One… Read More

Six Powerful Tips for Career Advancement

October 2, 2018  © Copyright Glomacs

If you’re interested in finding out how to improve your professional development and get promoted quickly, I encourage you to continue reading this article. Here are my top six professional development tips. 1. Never stop… Read More

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