The Real Cost of Poor Recruitment

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Poor RecruitmentRecruitment and the selection process is one of the key management tools. Do it right! – that’s the theme for this successful international program. It’s not by chance that Intel, Google and Apple are all successful – they all have an outstanding recruitment process, which is never compromised. In this program you will learn the latest techniques covering all of the nine critical parts.

The new evidence on successful recruiting show that the most reliable and bias free methodology uses a competence approach, linked to behavioral questioning.

Recently we have examined the financial impact of poor interviewing on and organization. In an organization where the total employees amounted to 3000; It was found that the cost of poor recruitment and its direct impact on the organization and amounted to an amazing £43,000,000

There are Five Key Factors that will significantly improve your Recruitment, using the Nine-step Process Approach:

  1. Correct advertising to attract only the right and talented applicants.
  2. How testing can vastly improve the quality of the selection process and eliminate those who try to get into the organization with false qualifications or by telling lies. The new types of test are very accurate and are available in multiple languages, at many levels and cover a vast range of job types.
  3. The new wave of Personality Profilers give us valuable information about the individual and are a vital aid in making sure that the person is the right fit for the job. Profiling is also perfect for aiding the correct development of graduates or talented people who are on fast track development programs.

In the example we have hear the candidate had applied for a job as a Senior Manager running a finance department of 50 people. He seemed to be the hot favorite for the job but was rejected when his personality profile was examined, take a few moments and have a look at the reasons why he was found unsuitable for this particular position.

Poor Recruitment

  1. Many interviews fail at the face-to-face interview stage because the interviewers have been incorrectly trained and whom waist valuable time by asking simple non-experience related questions. Using a two-stage technique, questions are highly focused, accurate and provide the interviewer with valuable facts about the person they are interviewing. With this technique all the candidate’s replies are instantly scored and are totaled at the end of the interview, thus reducing bias and virtually eliminating variance in questions.
  2. A technique candidates will learn and practice is how to de code body language. This is of immense importance to detect when candidates tell lies or when that exaggerates the truth. This allows the interviewer to ask more probing questions if necessary.

The value correct interviewing can add to the organization is immense; the skills learned on the program also can be used when doing performance appraisal and the procedure of disciplinary interviews.

Gone are the days when every one can just have a go at interviewing, it’s now an accepted key management competence. The program is particularly attractive as its very practical and involving. We restrict number of attendees, so that candidates can get personal one to one tuition and have the time and confidence to put the new ideas into practice in a safe and friendly environment. This enables those attending to be ready when they return to work to be successful with their new skills.

The program is run by Dr. Tony Miller an international Consultant with GLOMACS who is a specialist in improving Organizational capability. He has two international books specifically on the topic of recruitment the latest being published this year. This brings his number of professional books up to an impressive 16, two of which are available in Chinese. The techniques are use by many world-class organizations. Dr Miller has worked in the Middle East for us since 1996 and is familiar with our customs, practices and restrictions, further tailoring courses to our customer requirements.

So what can organizations expect to get in the way of value by sending people on this new program?

  • A consistent professional approach to all interviewing throughout your Organization
  • The establishing of a standard proven process that all can use (we even give you the process map)
  • The reduction of the recruitment of poor performers, the testing phase of the process will take care of that.
  • Long term financial savings for the organization, which are often in the millions
  • The testing techniques can also be used when looking at succession planning and development in the organization and help in building greater organizational capacity through getting the right people in the right job

In today’s competitive environment, it pays to be one jump ahead of the competition, this is just one of the programs that will aid in providing strategic advantage.

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