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Innovations in Workforce Planning, Organisational Development, Business Efficiency and Analysis. July 29, 2018.

This is an opportunity for anyone who seeks to add value to their organisation – to attend. This course is new for the 2018/19 season and offers attendees a unique opportunity on how to improve performance and business efficiency.

There will be a dramatic and radical change in the world of employment in the next 2-3 years. Understanding how to create and add value is what this program has to offer. From improving traditional processes to how to right-size your organisation for either expansion or reduction in headcount which will be inevitable with the advent of artificial intelligence. Some of the exciting things you will learn how to do on this action-packed programme are rightsizing your organisation, being able to use business process maps. Also, how to master productivity measurements and feed productivity data seamlessly and transparently into an equitable bonus scheme.

Ever wondered how much work poor performers do? We will give you techniques so that you can measure that and also methods, so you can calculate costs and return on investment on some of the benefits you will get should you attend. When you find out you will be truly amazed. How many hours do you work a week we can show you the latest research that will show you how many hours talented people work, average performers and of course poor performers. A survey completed in 2016 in the Middle East of over 1000 employees in 110 large companies showed that talented people do almost six times more work than poor performers; the financial implications of inadequate recruitment are massive.

In a case study, a company employing 3000 employees examined what the cost of poor performers was in one year. Out of the 3000 employees, 22% were classed as poor performers, so who recruited them? The financial cost to the company in lost hours worked amounted to £48 million each fiscal year.

Along with new methods of working you will also find out about the new formulas that are needed to provide the results not only will we show you what they are which you will also have the opportunity to practice in an amicable and supportive environment.

We know that Artificial Intelligence will change the world as we know it within only a few years. Its most significant impact will be on our Human Resource.  What is A.I. and what’s made it meaningful? This will be discussed with our subject expert who is also the author of four books specifically on this topic.

A question we are often asked is who should attend. This is not a program which is only for workforce planners but is suitable for anybody who is in a management position. Those responsible for Organisational design, productivity, Workforce Planning. Also, those who manage processes of are responsible for profitability.

The program is particularly well suited for HR Directors and for those who need to know what the next two years have in store for the Human resource.

One of the other interesting topics which are included in this program is the impact that generation Z will have on the world of work. Generation Z are also referred to as i-Gen. Interestingly this group will make up 24% of the total world available workforce by 2020. That’s just a few years away. From what we know about this group they will be challenging to integrate into a standard working environment and many adjustments will have to be made in how they work, how they managed and significantly how they are trained. The question for HR people is what strategy have you got for managing this large and very significant group?

New techniques in measuring intelligence and personality profiling will allow you to make much better decisions when looking at either FastTrack employees or for succession planning. We have a very new approach to succession planning and it offers you three choices as to which process best fits your business.

With people living longer around the world organisations have a difficult decision to make; do you release the older people and offer opportunities for the young, but inexperienced. Alternatively, do you maximise your investment and training by extending employees tenure with the organisation? This has recently been done in BMW with tremendous success, however solving one problem creates another that is youth employment.

No program is complete without plenty of case studies, our subject matter expert has worked around the world in 36 different countries in the last ten years and has a wealth of hands-on practical examples to support all the materials and case studies used. For anyone attending this course, this is good news. You don’t get hand-me-down examples are but what’s happening in some of the best countries and the best companies in the world, so plenty of hands-on experience that you can draw on for your benefit.

For those of you specifically interested in the forthcoming massive paradigm shift that Artificial Intelligence will bring and you need a senior management overview – the following will be of interest to you

H.R. Masterclass on the future changes in Human Resources: The A.I. changes that will transform HR, as we know it, 02 – 06 December 2018, Dubai

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