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Customer Experience, the Last Strategic Battleground

In the Post-Pandemic world in which organisations now have to operate, it has become harder than ever to compete in pretty well any market. Traditional points of differentiation have been whittled away by a perfect

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Customers Don’t Think The Way They Think, They think!

Yeah, you might want to read that title a few times. There is always a strange paradox encountered by anyone who has to deal on a regular basis with customers, and that is that customers

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New Working Practices Resulting from COVID-19 & Artificial Intelligence

INTRODUCTION Two significant changes have happened that will change the world of employment forever. COVID-19 has shown us that most organisations have been overstaffed. Evidence is that the same output can be achieved; with far

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Recent SolarWinds Breach: A Warning of the Perils to Critical Infrastructures (PART 4)

While it is not possible to stop attacks from happening, there is a lot of activities that organizations can do to protect their assets. The nature and details of these activities are broad and addressing

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Recent SolarWinds Breach: A Warning of the Perils to Critical Infrastructures (PART 3)

Many pressing questions arise from the SolarWinds breach for example, why did the attack go undetected for such a long time? are there ways to have a strong defense against such attacks? how do you

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Recent SolarWinds Breach: A Warning of the Perils to Critical Infrastructures (PART 2)

As the Stuxnet and Jeep Cherokee attacks demonstrated, the targets are not IT assets such as data, servers, or the cloud but rather actual physical devices or systems that monitor or control physical plants, processes,

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Recent SolarWinds Breach: A Warning of the Perils to Critical Infrastructures (PART 1)

The recent supply chain breach on SolarWinds discovered in mid-December 2020 is changing cybersecurity as we know it. SolarWinds develops software for businesses to help manage their networks, systems, and information technology (IT) infrastructure. The

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Tackling Financial Crime

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered unprecedented change globally. Criminals and terrorists are taking advantage of loopholes and failings in the global financial system, in part due to the disruption caused by COVID-19, but also due

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The Future is Personality Profiling, Testing and High-Quality Training – and Lots of it.

Post COVID-19, the world of work will never revert to how it was. Significant changes brought about by artificial intelligence (A.I.) and the realisation by most companies that there are better ways to get work

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7 Key Cognitive Skills to Enhance Leaders Ability to Navigate Successfully on the New Normal for
Industrial Revolution

Professor Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has published a book entitled The Fourth Industrial Revolution in which he describes how this fourth revolution would impact all disciplines,

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Are you able to lead in the 4th Industrial Revolution?

  The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us, classed as a time during which  Smart Technology will be at the fore; driving ongoing automation of manufacturing and industrial practices; the integration with finance and business commerce; advances

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How to Lead an Effective Remote Team?

Many organisations are recognising the benefits of remote working for both the employer and employee. Staff can communicate from home or regional offices around the world. This can mean faster reactions on the ground, proactive

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Supply Chain Security and C-TPAT Requirements

The security of supply chain has always been a concern for transport, logistics and manufacturing companies. Concerns about terrorism, theft, damage, and shipment integrity intensify as the value of cargo increases. Add to the mix,

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Impact of Coronavirus (nCoV)

This article is a sequel to the previous post on “Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and the Global Supply Chain” Since the covid-19 virus outbreak in Wuhan, China since end of 2019, many articles have been written

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Why Reverse Logistics is Important?

The traditional supply chain ends when the end customer makes their purchase. Logistics, either traditional or reverse, can have a significant impact on the asset recovery of the business. There are several reasons why reverse

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Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and the Global Supply Chain

As the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) spread from its emergence in Wuhan, governments and businesses have been assessing its possible impact on the rest of the world. The effect is firstly on the health of individuals, but secondly

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If you think Learning Development is expensive, try ignorance

The 10 Key Benefits of Training and Development 1. Performance – An organisation’s performance is only as good as its weakest performer and L & D enables employees to be more capable performers. It instils confidence

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Measuring employee morale, what you measure impacts outcomes

It is common for organizational leaders to proudly proclaim that their employees are their most valuable asset.   However, surveys consistently show that a significant number of those same employees would respectfully disagree!  If indeed employees

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