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Police & Law Enforcement Training Courses

In this globalised modern world, Police and Law Enforcement Agencies are facing increasing challenges, both at national and international levels, from individual criminals and organised crime gangs who are becoming more and more sophisticated and audacious in what they do. Crime investigators need to keep ahead of the criminals and force them to operate in a hostile environment where disruption and prosecution is a constant threat as well as a reality. Drug suppliers and human traffickers recognise no borders, and national law enforcement agencies must learn to cooperate and collaborate with each other to tackle them head-on.

Police and Law Enforcement Agencies need to step up some gears and ensure their staff are well equipped with the skills and abilities to investigate all types of offenses efficiently, effectively, and giving value for money. Leaders need to know how to make clear well thought through strategic decisions so that human, technical and financial resources under their command are managed to get the best results against criminals, whilst supporting victims and reassuring communities.

The GLOMACS and Oxford Management Centre jointly offers Police and Law Enforcement training courses will deliver these crucial attributes through exciting, practical, and realistic training case studies and presentations. Knowledge will be embedded from cutting edge advances in forensics including digital media, through to internationally tried and tested models and processes to enhance capabilities around investigative interviewing, intelligence development, leadership of serious and complex crime, and the most effective investigative strategies and tactics to set against all levels of criminality. It will give not only give confidence and inspiration to those investigating the crimes but ensure more victims receive justice and wider families and communities are better protected.

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