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AML / CFT – What you need to know?

February 22, 2018 © Copyright Glomacs

If you’ve opened a bank account in the past few years, most likely you had to answer a bunch of intrusive questions about yourself, your background and why you wanted to open the account. Annoying, isn’t?  It’s a part & parcel of Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (“AML / CFT”) rules that all banks, in all parts of the world, are subject to.

The ostensible purpose is to enable banks to prevent bad actors using the financial system to launder their funds and, where bad actors are not identified at entry, to detect any suspicious financial activity and provide appropriate background to competent authorities. (Whether they are successful in this endeavor is another question.)

Today the Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Never has it been more important for professionals working in this field to be up-to-date with emerging trends, regulatory developments and evolving technologies.

That is why the NEW International training course by GLOMACS on “Governance Arms of Risk Management, Internal Audit, Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering & Combating Terrorism Finance” is an invaluable event for you and your team. This event has already attracted the attention of a diverse audience. This training event provides the perfect opportunity to interact with key executives from international organizations and government agencies across the globe.

Take Charge of Change – Join us for this year’s intensive training session and walk away with the latest tools to tackle emerging risk vulnerabilities, corporate governance, audit and compliance and overcome your institution’s day-to-day regulatory compliance challenges.

*Thirty (30) continuing professional education CPE credits can be earned after the completion of the training course.

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