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Susan Collie
Business Development Manager

Are you soon sitting in a Boardroom?

March 24, 2019 © Copyright Glomacs

Are you an active Director/Officer serving in one or more Boards?

Have you recently joined a Board for the first time?

Are you soon sitting in a Boardroom?

GLOMACS is pleased to introduce a new seminar on ‘Building High Performance Board’ scheduled in Dubai on November 24-28, 2019

This Seminar is a must attend that will help you acquiring value added knowledge, confirming your existing expertise and learning best practices to adopt and apply.

The Seminar outline was carefully designed so that participants will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects leading to run an effective Board operation, to establish a balanced relationship between the Board as the Governing Body and the organization’s Executive Management team, and to elaborate on the Board positioning within the Power and Authority chain of the enterprise.

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