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Susan Collie
Business Development Manager

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Wondered how this new technology started?

April 22, 2019 © Copyright Glomacs

GLOMACS are pleased to announce their new program in California from October 21st to the 25th, Understanding The Emerging Blockchain Business Model: Economic Applications And Implications For The Global Economy, This high-level 5-day seminar focuses on developing a strong understanding of the emerging Blockchain as a highly disruptive and discontinuous innovation that has the potential to alter the very foundations of web-based commercial and personal transactions. The use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is already lining up to be a “generational paradigm shift” that is already introducing major ramifications for how business is done on the Internet.

Perhaps you have read an article or two about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and wondered how this new technology started, and will it affect other aspects of global financial instruments. There are already more than a dozen additional cryptocurrencies such as: ZCash, Ethereum, Ripple, Lightcoin, and EOS – just to name a few. Maybe you heard about Satoshi Nakamoto and Craig Wright, the Blockchain Revolution Global [BRG] conference in Toronto, or the inaugural International Congress on Blockchain and Applications [ICBA] and were curious about the buzz, the hype, the interest in this new concept.

The DLT process-algorithm extends to altering a wide range of foreign trade, international banking, and financial settlements. And innovative entrepreneurs keep thinking about new ways to utilize Blockchain sequences to enhance healthcare, connected cars, newly configured “smart contracts”, insurance, legal documents, identity protection, and dozens of IoT [Internet of Things] applications – by leveraging DLT to deliver greatly improved networking transparency, faster speeds with lower costs, and significant decentralization that will dramatically improve online security.  The forms and levels of economies of scale from decentralization and eliminating intermediaries are dramatic and far-reaching.

Delegates who attend will learn all about the genesis and ongoing development of the Blockchain algorithm that initially supported Bitcoin, and gain a strong understanding of the underlying DLT’s impact on a wide range of business applications regarding transparency and cyber-security. This highly engaging program will use contemporary case examples of Blockchain process-flow sequences and “Special Node” verifications, while comparing the existing protocols for global transactions to Blockchain-enabled DLT transactions. Delegates will be challenged to consider how these positive economic impacts of accrued execution speeds with reduced costs could be applied to their own firms and industries. 

This GLOMACS training seminar will explore multiple facets of the emerging Blockchain paradigm and reasoning for workplace process-flow, and enhance your perspective on client-customer uses of DLT in various commercial markets. This will be a greater primer for CFOs looking to gain a strong understanding of DLT and cryptocurrencies, CEOs looking for ideas on how Blockchain-DLT can be integrated to their organizations, Marketing Directors wanting to gain competitive advantage in their industry space, Board Members looking to fully leverage Blockchain-DLT for improved competitive positioning, R+D and Product Development Teams looking for improved transparency and ease-of-use, and Business Development Directors looking for new opportunities in various Blockchain-DLT enabled markets-industries.

Don’t wait for others to do Blockchain-DLT first in your market space.  Be the proactive initiators of positive change. Upon successful completion, attendees will receive GLOMACS’ certificate credit [CPE units and other corresponding units will be awarded appropriately].

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