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How to build trust as authentic leaders & exceed organisational expectations?

July 24, 2019 © Copyright Glomacs

As business reconfigures itself, many leaders—even experienced leaders—are left wondering how to reach the ever more ambitious targets demanded of them and their people, often in the face of dwindling resources. Traditional structures are breaking down or not delivering what’s needed. Young people entering the workforce have different expectations of their leaders and jobs than previous generations and are not always open to being “led”. Speed and innovation are of the essence.

How can leaders help their people perform ever better in these challenging circumstances? The good news is that they no longer need to do it entirely alone. The image of the hero-leader is out of date. The most effective leaders in the situation described above are those who can connect with people, build strong trusting relationships with them, and inspire them.

The concept of Authentic Leadership as defined by Luthans and Avolio—a coming together of positive psychology, transformational leadership, and ethical leadership—is designed to help leaders do just that. Positive psychology supports hope, optimism, and self-confidence to tackle challenging problems and exceed expectations. Transformational leadership with its emphasis on coaching people allows all parties to foster growth and development in each other. And ethical leadership is the basis for long-term trust and success, helping organisations create and maintain a strong and highly respected brand, actively engage customers, and retain top talent.

Best of all, Authentic Leadership is not something a person has or doesn’t have, can or can’t do. The skills associated with Authentic Leadership can be learned and applied consciously, making leaders stronger and more able to meet with courage and confidence the challenges of the current VUCA business world.

GLOMACS is proud to present a course that addresses and develops precisely these skills in leaders—“Authentic Leadership: Courage, Coaching, and Ethics

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