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Susan Collie
Business Development Manager

Digital Age is Here!

Is your leadership prepared accordingly?

March 26, 2019 © Copyright Glomacs

Leadership is a concept that is perhaps as old as time. However, despite being one of the most critical skills, first of existence and then of progress, the idea of leadership evolved very slowly through the millennia. The rate at which it has been developing is worrying.


The present workforce is the most diverse workforce in history – with four generational cohorts existing and working alongside each other, each one comes with a unique set of values, personalities, beliefs, styles, aspirations, etc. For leaders in the digital age, this is a challenge as well as an opportunity, to be more aware of problems facing each generation and need to be mindful that each employee is an individual and not to look at group challenges instead.

In the digital age, leaders face many challenges that they previously didn’t have to worry about – boundaryless organizations, limitless digitization, unbounded innovation, and constant iteration. Technology and digital disruption have indeed created the need for a new set of skills that leaders need to emulate to succeed in the digital age.

Right from its structure to the definition and to the skills required to succeed, the new Digital Age demands a complete overhaul of leadership.

So, what should leaders need to do to help the organization win in the digital age?

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Mid-to-Senior Level Executives, Mid to Senior Managers, Directors and C-Suite Executives will be attending this international conference to UNLEARN, RELEARN and LEARN ANEW.

The seminar is expected to demystify hype from reality in an engaging, exciting and straightforward manner. It will blend great stories of companies around us with strategy, framework, and tools for practitioners.
It is therefore recommended as an excellent opportunity for incumbents and challengers alike.

UNLEARN, RELEARN and LEARN ANEW on this thought-provoking seminar!

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