You Can No Longer Ignore Disruptive Innovation

June 21, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

Your company cannot afford to ignore or underestimate the importance of disruptive innovation.  As markets become more globalised we need to develop our capabilities not only in product and service innovation but in proactively changing the culture of our business in response to the changing demands of increasingly competitive markets.

This is not exclusively about high-level technologies.  Though some disruptions are driven by leading-edge innovations (for example, the I-Phone), many major disruptions are achieved by the application of simple technologies that enable people and organisations with lower skills to undertake work that was previously impossible because of problems with cost or complexity (for example, computerised pattern recognition in blood sampling).

Disruptive Innovation – Managing Radical Change for High Growth is an intensive high-level development seminar specifically designed for managers who have to cope with creating tomorrow’s organisation out of today’s organisation.  Our seminar will concentrate on the following topics.

  • In what circumstances is a disruptive innovation most likely to succeed?
  • How to introduce a disruptive innovation into an organisation.
  • Risk assessment in disruptive innovation.
  • “Continuous disruption” as a management skill.

“Trying harder” is no longer enough to achieve and sustain business success.  We have to “try different”, say Dr. Daniel Park an authority on strategic management and company development.

Dr. Daniel Park will discuss the critical importance of Disruptive Innovation – Managing Radical Change for High Growth scheduled in Dubai on 03 – 07 December 2017.  We distinguish between “sustaining” and “disruptive” innovation as the most significant issues for us to consider.  Sustaining innovation will enable us to become better at what we currently do.  This is important.  However the more important challenge is to create a different business model – our approach to the market – which we term “disruptive innovation”.  This will enable us to “try different”.

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