Do you enjoy what you are doing?

July 16, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

Do you see a disconnection between what matters to you and what you are asked to do at work?

Enjoying a task can boost performance and encourage engagement and retention at work.

How can you bring more enjoyment and meaning to your work day while still getting the work done?

Workplace negativity or apathy is like a disease, when it starts it grows, like weeds in your garden. It can transfer from one person to the next, across teams spreading like a wildfire.

Once apathy sets in, individuals become ‘disengaged’ or even ‘unengaged’ at work having a direct effect on the bottom line.

Most human behavior can be traced back to the basic motivation of self-preservation and security. When these basic motivators are threatened, we as human beings quickly revert back to self-preservation, trying to find a place that’s comfortable and safe.

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