Just What the Doctor Prescribed on ‘What Ails a Project Manager’

June 1, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

Project management is about relationships and not just scheduling and documents.

Research has shown that Project and Programme Management Specialists spent much more time than the average respondent dealing with people and people issues. Whether this is for a Project or a major Change initiative, without the support of people, you will fail.

Stakeholders are a key component to projects success or failures…

“If you are having a stakeholder issue you need to hear this session” says Mr. Tony Buon who will be presenting a GLOMACS training course to identify, herd and lead stakeholders.

Project Management Professionals, Programme Managers, Change Leader and Human Resource (HR) Professionals have previously attended this training that  provided practical applications to achieve success in both project management and organizational leadership.

“Tony  provided valuable strategies & rules of engagement for influencing and negotiating with difficult stakeholders that I will implement immediately”, says one of the previous participant who found this training very relevant.

Glomacs subject expert, Tony Buon, is a very experienced workplace psychologist, mediator, speaker and author. He had appeared in many international television and radio shows including CNN, BBC discussing people’s problems, workplace psychology and change management. Each year, Tony presents over 40 training sessions on various topics for GLOMACS.

If you have missed this finest training previously and still considering, contact one of GLOMACS competency counselors to guide you further. Be it for the upcoming July session or a schedule elsewhere, the team is just there to assist you 24×7.

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