Don’t presume that a ‘Yes’ always means ‘Yes!’

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When your team says ‘Yes’ to a strategy……..what do they really mean?


no matter what, we will make the strategy happen
we will work hard to implement this strategy
we can see the benefits of the strategy and will contribute to the success
we don’t see the benefits but don’t want to lose our job
we don’t agree, don’t want to implement but we don’t tell it in your face


Too often, organizations fail to turn their strategies into operational reality; this where the Balanced Scorecard comes in. It enables managers and staff to contribute more fully to the success of the organization.

Is your organization using the Scorecard for maximum benefit?

Balanced Scorecard, the 6th most used management instrument in the world can offer you and your company a variety of benefits depending on how it is introduced and used. The crucial question is therefore not if you use the Scorecard but how you use it, says Dr. Anthony Greenfield.

Dr. Greenfield will be in Dubai from 02-06 July 2017 to present an interesting GLOMACS workshop on Using the Balanced Scorecard for Turning Strategy into Reality.

According to Dr. Greenfield, effective use of BSC brings 4 powerful benefit to your organizations strategy:

  • The BSC boosts your strategic thinking skills
  • The BSC communicates your strategy
  • The BSC measures your strategy progress
  • The BSC cascades your strategy

“I was impressed by the directions of this training. The objectives of attending this training was achieved”, says Mr. Oladimeji Olufemi who attended one of the previous session with GLOMACS.

This workshop has previously helped Corporate Executives, Managers with responsibility for creating or managing a Balanced Scorecard, Financial Officers, Financial Controllers, Process Managers and Strategic Planning Managers.

If you have missed this finest training previously and still considering, contact one of GLOMACS competency counselors to guide you further. Be it for the upcoming July session or a schedule elsewhere, the team is just there to assist you 24×7.

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