Game-Changing Strategy in the Oil Gas Business

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The oil and gas industries is going through a period of significant change.  The growth in global demand is coming from newly industrializing markets rather than the more mature economic zones.  This has major implications for upstream and downstream operations and for the type and level of investment that will be required over the medium term.  These developments also have a direct impact on the closely linked petrochemical business.  Therefore the oil and gas business will require a very different strategic approach in the future.

Our new course in strategic management in the oil and gas business has been developed specifically for the oil and gas business.  It aims to enable participants to structure and manage a new approach to the changing circumstances in these strategically important industries.

If you are directly involved in oil and gas operations or if your organisation is affected by global developments in these industries, this course will put you in a stronger position to develop an effective and game-changing strategy. 

Join us as we launch this new course Certificate in Strategic Management in the Oil and Gas Business  scheduled on 15 – 19 October 2018 in Boston, USA and take this opportunity of making a major impact on the performance and prospects of your organization.

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