GLOMACS Launches New Talent Management and Qatarisation Seminar

December 12, 2016 © Copyright Glomacs

GLOMACS, the leading provider of world-class learning and talent management solutions, recently announced the launch of a new seminar – ‘Talent Management and Qatarisation’, to help HR professionals and strategic planners meet the growing demand for ‘real world’ workforce planning application and skills. This innovative and highly practical seminar will present a systematic approach to Workforce & Manpower Planning, determining the people requirements of an organisation and will discuss Nationalisation and Qatarisation initiatives.  

“People are the most valuable assets and provide that competitive edge in any nation or businesses. Managing people requirements at the right time and place is key to deliver and achieve both organizational and national level objectives,” Tony Buon, Glomacs Senior Consultant.  

In the new Talent Management and Qatarisation course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what Workforce Planning is, and how it can contribute to organisational effectiveness
  • Analyse the practical use of Succession Planning
  • Understand Talent Management strategies
  • Discuss the key issues surrounding Qatarisation/Nationalisation Initiatives
  • Learn the fundamental processes of Workforce Planning
  • Understand the importance of strategic job analysis

Effective talent management plays a pivotal role in improving business value and assisting organisations to achieve both short and long-term objectives. This Talent Management and Qatarisation seminar will set the perfect platform to discuss fundamental processes of work force planning, people management, retention strategies, overview of Qatarisation and improved engagement from nationals.

For more information on the Talent Management and Qatarisation, please click here.

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