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Government-Facing Strategy for Oil Gas Companies

How to develop a productive relationship with host governments?

January 7, 2018 © Copyright Glomacs

Government Facing StrategyPolitical game plays, environmental catastrophes, increased competition, volatile oil and gas prices, ambitious strategies of NOC’s (national oil companies), and increasing public involvement are changing the rules of engagement for IOC’s (international oil companies) and governments around the world.

The old, tried and tested approaches to government relations, based on high-level influences and pie-splitting, are no longer sufficient for the new challenges faced today by oil & gas companies. Today, the oil & gas sector requires an integrated government-facing strategy that addresses all these challenges and positions the company for long-term success in the host country. It is highly recommended that international oil companies change and take a more systematic approach to government relations than previously has been routine. It is essential to have a deeper knowledge of the host state, a wide-ranging network of relationships, more synchronization with local stakeholders to ensure consistency between a company’s international and local expectations, and strengthened capabilities to plan, respond, and adapt to continuing change.

An efficient government relations strategy simplifies the path to business objectives like access to acreage on reasonable terms and competitive (oil-field) services. Such a strategy helps position the company in the longer term as a responsible contributor to the host country’s economic and social development, and as a long-term player able to fully realize its hydrocarbon potential. This strategy will create reputational capital that can pay big dividends over the life of a project and beyond.

A healthy, flexible government-facing strategy helps an IOC (international oil company) steer through the increasingly intricate, dynamic local conditions and demands that can throw a project to chaos. This simplifies the company’s primary goal of completing the project on time and on budget. But an efficient engagement strategy in the host state pays much larger long-term dividends by projecting the company as a positive force contributing to the development of the local economy. The resulting associations and mutual understanding form the foundation for a bright future in the country. Development of such a government relations strategy should take full benefit from an unbiased external perspective.

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