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The 20th calendar week of 2017 features 16 Events, 16 Subject Experts, 6 Cities, 7 World Class Venues by GLOMACS.

GLOMACS gears up for a busy week ahead. Here are the confirmed events that you might not want to miss next week.

Commercial and Business Contracts: A Practical Guide

Learn about contracts from Javi Khanijau, one of the world’s leading authority on contract law. A failure to fully understand risk related items in a contract can result in lost opportunities and costly disputes. This seminar is a practical guide to contracts for business.

Beyond Customer Service: Service Quality and Excellence

Derek Prior, a recognized customer service expert for over 20 years, will be bringing common sense customer service strategies that gives customer service professionals the communication skills, technology tools, and motivation they require to build strong customer relationships and develop a customer centric organization. 

Financial Analysis, Modelling & Forecasting

Financial & Management expert, Paul Lower, will deliver a hands-on workshop that has been designed to provide delegates with real practical skills to design and build financial models that will have highly relevant applications in their own organizations to assist in financial analysis, forecasting and business decision-making. Delegates can practice the design and construction of financial models, analysis tools and forecast applications in Excel, using laptops provided for the seminar.

Managing and Measuring Training, Learning and Development

John Smart, a qualified executive coach and leadership mentor, will present this essential training seminar for those who wish to be more effective and efficient with the training budget and more strategic with training interventions. The program is designed to cater the needs of a wide range of HR, L&D and Training professionals, line managers and team leaders.

Leading & Managing Change

Tony Buon, a leading authority on people management, workplace psychology, organizational behavior and conflict resolution will focus on the vital area of Leading Change, Organizational Culture and change; Organizational Development (OD) and Work Psychology. It is a unique seminar that provides guidelines on best practice, current ‘best-practice’ and skills development in organizational change leadership.

The Strategic Leader: Strategic Planning, Negotiation & Conflict Management

Dr. John Daniel Park, an expert on  business strategy and strategic management & Dr. Tom Hutcheson, an authority on negotiation and mediation, brings together the key strategic leadership skills of strategic planning, negotiation and conflict management required to succeed in today’s complex and challenging business environment.

Mastering People Management & Team Leadership

Prof. David Bamford, an experienced industrialist/academic, tells you how to ‘master’ people management & team leadership can be taught and makes a tangible difference to the manager, the team and the organization.

The Oxford 10-day MBA

Prof. David Bamford, an experienced industrialist/academic, and Steve McGrady, specializing in Business Strategy will focus on issues and dilemmas faced in today’s changing world. The seminar is designed to stretch delegates, in order to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to lead and manage in a fast moving and complex business environment.

Effective Contractor Management in Maintenance & Technical Projects

Diederik van Leeuwen, an expert on Maintenance and Asset Management, on this highly interactive training seminar will ensure that delegates understand how contractor management will fit in the Asset Management context – how to select the right contractor and contract type which suits your sourcing strategy and how to manage and monitor the results.

Strategy & Strategic Planning

Dr. John Daniel Park, an expert on  business strategy and strategic management, demonstrates why an understanding of business strategy is vital to all managers in every sector of business.

Essentials of Business Analysis – Foundation & Practice

Steve McGrady, Business Strategy specialist, will deliver this seminar that is useful for anyone who needs to understand or apply knowledge and skills from the business analysis discipline.

Procurement Best Practices

 Tony Evans, the procurement & supply chain specialist, on this seminar will address the necessary conditions at all four levels for those delegates who want to implement high-performing Procurement functions.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Tony Evans, and Prof. Dr. Perumal Magayson, both logistics, procurement & supply chain specialists, explores key concepts forming the basis of procurement and supply chain management and moves through leading edge issues that confront organizations today.

Project Budgeting & Cost Management

Dr. Michael Lane a leading authority on lean and agile project management will present the participants with straightforward approaches to developing a cost baseline and setting up a cost tracking system so that the budget is well managed during the project’s life cycle.

Advanced Accident Investigation & Reporting

Dr. Lawrence E. Salvoni,  the international expert on Emergency & Disaster Management, on this Advanced Course will provide solutions for the organization’s workforce to adopt a systematic approach to determining why an accident or incident has occurred and the steps you need to take to make sure it does not happen again.

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