Highly Controversial and Least Understood Subject

January 15, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

Dr. Daniel Park revisits the topic on this GLOMACS event: The Challenge of Globalisation: Opportunity and Threat in World Markets

Globalisation is one of the most important and controversial aspects of 21st century business. It is also one of the least understood issues faced by business leaders. It affects all businesses irrespective of type, size and sector. An accurate understanding of the impact (positive and negative) on all organisations is essential for robust decision-making in every aspect of business management and organisational development, including marketing, sourcing, finance, research, logistics and human resources.

Glomacs and PetroKnowledge have jointly developed their seminar “The Challenge of Globalisation” to address this vital topic, and it is scheduled for launch in major world centres, starting in July 2017.  Our seminar leader is Dr Daniel Park. Dr Park is a highly qualified economist and international business strategist, who has undertaken projects in 64 countries worldwide over the past 25 years. He has worked with major companies, government organisations and financial institutions on global analysis and strategy formulation.

This seminar presents globalisation from a background of extended involvement in the practicalities of taking new opportunities and dealing with new threats that result from the greater integration of the world economy. This trend is driven by more rapid innovation, increasingly intense competition, rapid transfer of knowledge and technology and the growing influence of the international financial institutions. The approach to delivery of the seminar is entirely based on direct experience across a variety of business sectors.

This seminar does not require a specialist knowledge of economics, though delegates will need to have a lively interest in international business relationships.

Please contact our Training & Competencies Counselor at training@glomacs.com for further information and to join one of the sessions.

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