How well are you leading yourself?

August 2, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

“The new kind of business heroes … must learn to operate without the might of the hierarchy behind them. The crutch of authority must be thrown away and replaced by their own ability to make relationships, use influence, and work with others to achieve results.” Rosabeth Moss Kantor in When Giants Learn to Dance.

In order build relationships, use influence rather than authority, and work with others to achieve results leaders need to lead themselves first. The effects of not leading oneself as a leader—not managing one’s own emotions and behaviours, not understanding one’s own part in conflicts and miscommunications, and not facilitating the work of others—are corrosive. The consequences can range from a loss of trust, motivation, and effectiveness in one’s team to outright sabotage of team efforts by a few members.

The good news is that self-leadership can be learned and fostered. In fact, small changes in habits can often reap big rewards. A training course on maximising your leadership effectiveness is an excellent place to take this next step on your leadership journey.

Lead yourself first in order to then lead others with the Glomacs training course Maximising Your Leadership Effectiveness scheduled on 30 Oct – 03 Nov 2017 in Amsterdam!

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