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All organisations have an HR strategy. How it is implemented is the key to organisational success. The Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass provides the challenge and the answers to implementing strategic workforce plans to achieve success.

It asks simple, yet challenging, questions like:

  • What is the organisation’s strategy?
  • Which roles in the organisation will enable the strategy to be achieved?
  • Are our best people in these roles?
  • Where should the training budget be focused to ensure the return on investment to enable the achievement of the strategy?
  • When the environment changes, how flexible are workforce plans to cope with the change?
  • How flexible is the workforce to meet the requirements of the strategic plan

These questions will be answered in the Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass which takes place in California between 16 – 20 October 2017.

Facilitated by Stephen Cowburn, FCIPD, MBA, this challenging business process can unite business leaders with their HR team by co-ordinating effort to implement strategy and achieve business success.

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