Identify the Roles that Add Strategic Value

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Strategic workforce planning looks at what the organisation might look like in 3-5 years’ time. It anticipates skills, roles and situations that may not exist now. By focusing on the medium term, it becomes easier to identify which roles will add more strategic value and perhaps, which roles will be less relevant in the future.

This exercise then provides a focus for ensuring that these strategic roles have the best people in them and that there are succession plans for these roles. It also provides a focus for HR in developing different strategies for dealing with different groups of employees based on their strategic value to the organisation.

The Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass looks at how to identify these strategic roles and show the benefits, at a time of cost control, of differentiating the workforce to ensure budgets are focused on the groups that generate this strategic value. Interestingly, this isn’t about the organisational structure but the roles that add value. For example, Google famously questioned the role of management and wondered if managers added value. It experimented, briefly, with abandoning managers. Whilst this didn’t last, it did lead to defining what a leading edge, technology driven company needed from its managers. The roles that add value – the engineers and design teams.

So, if you are interested in the importance of this aspect of strategic workforce planning and want to understand how to differentiate your HR approach based on the value added to the achievement of strategy, book onto the Strategic Workforce Planning Masterclass, which takes place in California on 16 – 20 October. Facilitated by Stephen Cowburn, FCIPD, MBA, this challenging business process can unite business leaders with their HR team by taking a collective longer-term view, agreeing the key roles and ensuring the implementation of differentiated people management approaches to ensure the achievement of the organisation’s strategy.

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