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March 12, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

The advancement of technology in power system protection and control has paved the way for Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED’s) to be deployed all across smart grids and modern industrial plants and facilities ranging from power utilities to mining companies and oil & gas platforms and plants.

Hence, the importance of protecting and controlling such sensitive computerized electronic devices and equipment (categorized under secondary systems) is as important as the installation and operation of transformers, switchgears, and industrial motors (categorized under primary systems), to name a few.

Clearly, power utilities and industrial plants would prefer to own and run a very reliable and stable interconnected network, where the customers, feeders, and essential and critical load centres receive sufficient electric power at their requested demand at very low outage rates, where the variations of frequency and voltage are kept at minimum levels and within the acceptable range. This cannot be achieved unless the electric network is equipped with modern protection devices commanded through intelligent protection schemes set up by advanced control logic configurations.

GLOMACS helps you to apply proven power system protection & control techniques in a specialized course on Modern Power System Protective Relaying.

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