Leading with Pioneering Leadership Course

December 14, 2016 © Copyright Glomacs

This week sees Glomacs hosts its milestone 143rd session of ‘Leading with Emotional Intelligence’ with Prof. Dr Leonard Yong. What began as an insightful week-long course into the intersects of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence has now emerged as a pioneering course that has had over 5000 attendees and countless repeat participants.

Prof. Dr Yong’s course has been conducted across the globe – from the UAE to the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia to Singapore, New York and Nigeria. ‘Leading with Emotional Intelligence’ has no limits as to who may enjoy the seminar, and our participants came from across all industries – this week alone we have delegates from the Petrochemical sector, Government bodies and the private sector.

To attend our 144th course, or even our 150th session, follow this link or write to our Training & Competencies Counselor at training@glomacs.com to find out more how you too can Lead with Emotional Intelligence.


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