Are You Losing Good People Because of Poor Managers?

June 18, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

Anyone making the move into management is likely to be presented with new challenges and responsibilities which will require an entirely new skill set and mindset.  The ability to successfully manage and develop others doesn’t just happen automatically once someone is promoted – if only that were the case!

In reality it needs savvy and forward thinking companies to invest time, energy and commitment to help newly promoted staff develop the necessary knowledge and behaviours. Too often companies only offer management training to people who have been in the role for years and, of course, there is merit in that and refresher courses in management skills are to be encouraged.  However, it is even more sensible and effective to offer management training to those new to the job and so help them avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that can so easily start things off on a negative footing. 

“Very often people leave companies not because they can’t cope with their job but because they can’t cope with their manager”, says International Trainer Ms. Mai Newe, based on her vast experience.

The Essential Management Skills for Administrators – Moving into Management for Administrators course is specifically designed to equip new managers, especially those moving from an administrative role, with the necessary skills to be an effective manager and also to successfully make the transition.  The training course will particularly focus on:

  • Understanding the transition to being a manager and defining the responsibilities and competencies expected from an effective manager
  • Communicating with impact and clarity and responding appropriately at all levels
  • Managing and leading teams and getting the best from everyone on the team
  • Performance management – holding effective regular performance discussions, dealing with conflict and maintaining performance
  • Developing emotionally intelligent and resilient teams

Make sure your company avoids losing good people because of poor managers.  It makes sense to invest in your new managers and save yourself a lot of unnecessary trouble in the long term!

Glomacs offers “Essential Management Skills for Administrators – Moving into Management for Administrators” will be presented by Ms. Mai Newe. The training programme is currently offered as public and can be customised as in-house course upon request.

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