Mastering People & Teams?

March 30, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

The difference between leadership and management is important to understand.  What makes a leader credible?  Part of the answer is the ability to ‘influence’ others – organisations get more from motivated teams than groups of individuals.  Leadership makes this happen, it is a skill that involves understanding a number of core management concepts then being able to put these into practice.  How to ‘master’ people management & team leadership can be taught and makes a tangible difference to the manager, the team and the organization.

Management and leadership expert, Professor David Bamford, is scheduled to deliver a 5-day training seminar on “Mastering People Management & Team Leadership” in London. 

According to Prof. Bamford, this is an essential training for leaders, managers, team leaders and supervisors who need to get more out of their staff.  It would also benefit junior/middle managers new to their role, or with experience but little previous training. 

The training seminar will have a direct impact on performance, effectiveness and relationships.

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