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When it comes to working with contractors, how many of us always get things right? Have you ever chosen a supplier who didn’t know what he was doing – despite glowing references or an impressive web site? In large commercial contracts, if you choose someone who doesn’t have the right skills, or who walks away before the job is done properly, the whole project can be put at risk. The consequences of bad procurement can be difficult and expensive to fix.

“Many people find themselves in a procurement job, and they have never had any dealings with the contractor marketplace, let alone previously managed a bid. Setting new procurement people loose without the proper personal development is a recipe for disaster. If they work in public procurement and don’t follow the rules it can be a serious matter”, said Mr. Bill Blakemore, who is an expert on contracts and procurement.

Mr. Bill Blakemore will be running the Glomacs development programme “Advanced Tendering Procedures & Bid Evaluation: Effective Tendering, Bidding Strategies & Evaluation” programme in Dubai between 10 – 14 September. Procurement people from any industry – but in particular the oil and gas industry – will explore with Bill the strategic and practical skills needed to avoid procurement disasters and carry out competitive purchasing in an effective and efficient way.


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