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Susan Collie
Business Development Manager

Red Carpets Can Lead to Red Faces

How Protocol can spare your blushes?

September 26, 2018 © Copyright Glomacs

In the Sofitel, Abu Dhabi this week GLOMACS is offering Protocol and Event Management, a course that could save delegates and their companies from a world of embarrassment.

Anyone can organise an event – we all do this for family and friendsbut, the potential for embarrassment is almost infinite. From forgetting to invite a key person who will take great offence at your omission to making a faux pas with your distinguished VIP guests – it all has happened and could happen to you.

We have to look no further than former US President Barack Obama. All leaders rely on a good staff to brief and support them. Yet, the most powerful man in the world left a trail of Royal blunders behind him.

Remember that oh-so embarrassing photograph of President Obama shaking hands with the emperor of Japan while bowing to the waist? The bow was much too deep for the occasion and the handshake should have been made separately.

Then there was the formal banquet with Queen Elizabeth of England where President Obama cued the British National Anthem by raising his glass to Her Majesty and issuing the toast ‘The Queen’ He then proceeded to deliver his speech over the National Anthem instead of remaining silent as protocol demands. The US press labelled him as a ‘dufus’ for this misjudgement.

Protocol is the internationally agreed set of procedures designed to avoid giving offence while preserving polite and friendly relations. Ignore these at your peril. Let GLOMACS thorough and amusing programme guide you through the minefield. The course is packed with a wealth of useful information, case-studies and personal tuition from an internationally renowned expert. The course director and subject matter expert Mr. Derek Prior is a senior associate consultant with GLOMACS specialising in Public Relations, Marketing and Communications subjects.


You can register online right now or request a paper registration form from us. If you missed the September session, you can add this session or switch to it just by calling us at +9714 4250700

For more information click here. Bookings are essential as places are limited.  To reserve your place, contact or call +971558601246.  If you were on the waiting list from last session, we have your details and you will be contacted shortly.

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