Secrets to Building a World-Class Sales Team

July 23, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

If you’re into B2B selling, you don’t need a research report to tell you how much the market situation has changed. Customers are better knowledgeable, and more demanding, and the competitors are more capable and more plentiful.

To be world-class, you will need an edge – one that’s repeatable, scalable, and consistent.

So what is the secret to building a world-class sales team?

America’s top sales trainer will be delivering a comprehensive training solution in Istanbul to empower your sales team to become world class. This is part of the World’s Most Powerful Sales and Marketing Training Solutions from GLOMACS.

Packed with unique perspectives and timely research, you can use the below key takeaways from this training to improve sales performance.

  1. Enhanced professionalism image in the marketplace
  2. Increased revenue growth through higher sales effectiveness
  3. Higher level of team morale and reduced employee turnover
  4. Improved customer satisfaction and retention
  5. Expanded market penetration through greater sales territory management
  6. Be able to use listening and questioning skills to improve communication effectiveness
  7. Have the persuasion skills to negotiate win-win outcomes
  8. Know how to train, coach and mentor salespeople to increase sales  
  9. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of their leadership style
  10. Have the tools to recruit and retain successful salespeople
  11. Be able to use recognition and reward programmes to build teamwork

Build your World Class Sales Team – Be Ready to Sell More.

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