The Silent Killer – Corrosion in Concrete

July 24, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

Project Planners can lower costs and increase the safety and viability of reinforced concrete structures by implementing a comprehensive corrosion management program.

Corrosion can result in catastrophic failures, with accompanying loss of human life and significantly high maintenance and failure costs.

Department of Transport in the UK estimates a total repair cost of £616.5 million (approximately one billion US dollars) due to corrosion damage to motorway bridges.

The newest release in GLOMACS Corrosion Management series , “Corrosion and Concrete Protection: Principles, Monitoring and Control” is vital for any company hoping to avoid the high maintenance and failure costs associated with corrosion.

In this training, delegates will learn about proven strategies used to control corrosion. By implementing these steps proactively, project managers can avoid circumstances in which they are forced to perform necessary and expensive repairs after a structure has suffered critical damage. Timely investment of resources into these proactive steps will maximize the durability of a concrete structure and minimize preservation costs.

Key topics covered in the training include:

  1. Corrosion principles and mechanisms
  2. Types of corrosion that are related to concrete systems
  3. Corrosion minimization, control and methods of protection
  4. Properties of materials of construction
  5. Corrosion monitoring and inspection methods
  6. Aspects of corrosion management

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