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If your Strategy is just a List of Goals Good Intentions, It is likely to fail

The Secrets to Successful Strategic Thinking Revealed!

September 19, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

Successful StrategyPrague, Czech Republic (September 19, 2017) — What makes the difference between a successful strategy that drives your organisation to success, and a poor strategy that wastes time, resource and effort to deliver little if anything of value?

Managers and Team Leaders attending the 56th session of this popular course from training leaders GLOMACS in Prague this week learned the elements of good strategy – and how to create their own strategy for their organisation.

“If your strategy is just a list of goals and good intentions it is likely to fail”, said GLOMACS seminar leader and subject expert, Steve McGrady.

“The hallmarks of successful strategy are a profound understanding of your organisation’s biggest issue; a small set of goals; and an aligned organisation with every resource, policy and action clearly focussed on them.”

The topics covered by this seminar includes:

  • The essence of strategy – core concept and definition
  • How we think strategically
  • Understanding the relationship between strategic and operational goals
  • Clarifying “corporate strategy”, “business strategy” and “business model”
  • Vision, Values, Mission and Goals – examples and guidelines
  • The impact of, and prospects for, globalisation
  • Using a strategic management system
  • Resource-based approaches to strategy
  • Strategic choice – how to make strategy selection decisions

Delegates were encouraged to assess their own organisations and the quality of their strategies.  The discussions around the topics were wide ranging and focussed on tangible issues and trends. 

To highlight just two examples: the value of the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report as a strategy analysis source document and the possibility that the global Energy industry will be transformed by a car company rather than an existing energy business stimulate powerful and reflective questions.

As a renowned exponent of evidence-based management, this GLOMACS course highlights the importance of using data to find concrete information about the nature of the really important issues rather than relying on past experience or intuition.

Feedback from previous GLOMACS sessions confirm that this is a stimulating and thought provoking seminar that will give new insights into the transformative power of soundly formulated and well implemented strategy.

If you have missed this finest training and still considering, contact one of GLOMACS competency counsellors to guide you further. Be it for the next session or for a customized solution exclusively for your team, the team is just there to assist you 24×7.

GLOMACS Training is one of the world’s leading training & development firm. By providing continuing professional training on various industry relevant topics, we help clients meet their training needs. Our expertise includes training topics on Management & Leadership, Strategy & Planning, Public Relations & Customer Service, Office Administration, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management, Learning & Development, Quality and Productivity, Project Management, Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Contracts Management, Finance & Budgeting, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Instrumentation & Process Control, Health, Safety & Environment, Oil & Gas Technology, Civil & Construction Engineering. Headquartered in Dubai, GLOMACS run programmes in Amsterdam, Budapest, Geneva, Istanbul, London, Marbella, Paris, Prague, Vienna, California, Houston, Miami, New York, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore.

GLOMACS Trainings are designed to unlock the Potential of Real People in Real Situations. People need Emotional Investment and they also need to feel time is being invested in them & GLOMACS Training is a great way of doing that.

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