Top 12 Reasons To Attend “The Art of HR”

June 20, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

Traditionally, the HR function acts as a bridge between the workforce and the organization. “Times have really changed! Today’s HR needs to be the eyes, ears and sometimes the conscience of the organization” says Richard McNamara, Chartered FCIPD, who will be presenting “The Art of HR” in Dubai from 02-06 July 2017.

Anyone who applies these ideas will:

  1. Know how to get the best from their greatest asset – their workforce
  2. Know how to handle change effectively from an HR point of view
  3. Know how to increase productivity
  4. Know how to improve morale
  5. Know how to improve motivation
  6. Have an HR function which closely and in a mutually supportive way with the full line management team including Supervisors and Team Leaders
  7. Be effective in a range of circumstances encountered by HR professionals
  8. Be confident in their approach to HR management
  9. Be confident in their dealing with line managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders
  10. Know how an effective HR function is structured
  11. Know how to handle a range of employee relations issues
  12. Be able to define a clear purpose and role for the HR function and to develop and implement an HR strategy

No wonder previous attendees provided us great feedbacks that substantiate the above:

“Very interesting course, very happy to have met Mr. Mc the Sack”  says Mr. Abdulrahman Hazza Owaida, Director HR of  General Authority of Civil Aviation Saudi Arabia.                                                   

“This course was very good in details, outline from beginning to end. What I like the most about the course was the method of presentation by the instructor. Very well delivered, interesting and informative. The quiz was very interesting attention-to-detail”  says Ms. Gayathry Krishna, Senior Recruitment Officer of The Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi.                                                

“Very informative course. We already knew the content. But, the instructor’s training approach and methods are very valuable. Shows how excellent he is in the HR / Training field” says Ms. Nasra Warsama Deria, HR Officer of Qatar First Bank.                                                                                                                                                                             

See if any of these reasons matters to you – Join Richard McNamara and connect with the new reality.

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