Are you training your future leaders to deal with VUCA?

July 24, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

“The rate of change today is much different than in the past” – That’s Thomas Friedman in his international best-selling book “The World Is Flat.”

Whenever civilization has gone through one of these disruptive, dislocating technical revolutions the whole world has changed in profound ways.

Last few decades have seen high-tech companies failing to navigate the rapid changes brought about in their marketplace. This might be a warning to all the businesses and institutions that are now facing these inevitable changes.

The speed of change is simply devastating.  This needs leadership, flexibility and imagination to adapt. Are you training your future leaders to deal with VUCA?

The skills and abilities leaders once needed to help their organizations thrive are no longer sufficient. Today, more strategic, complex critical thinking skills are required of business leaders. HR and Talent Management Professionals can help their organizations succeed in today’s VUCA world by developing leaders who can counter volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity with vision, understanding, clarity, and agility. Training is a great way to develop leaders for the VUCA environment.

The new VUCA leadership development program includes the following goals

  1. Master the primary components of active leadership, self-awareness and the power of emotional intelligence in leading through VUCA
  2. How to diagnose volatility in the business and turn this to positive vision?
  3. How to explain uncertainty in your business, and turn this into understanding?
  4. How to comprehend complexity in business and to turn this to transparency for your people?
  5. How to identify ambiguity in the business and adapt this to agility?
  6. Master the key principles and process to lead your people & teams through VUCA

Redefine the management of change with GLOMACS VUCA leadership development program

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