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Continuing the winning streak further to the week of 21, next week some of the finest events are scheduled in 4 Cities across 6 luxurious hotels featuring 12 special events by 12 subject experts.

Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills

Ms. Mai Newe, the specialist consultant on soft skills development, will help participants to develop and refine their skills needed to excel as an Office Manager, Administrator or Executive Secretary. Scheduled in Dubai at The Address Dubai Marina, the event is already full and closed for new registrations.

Operational Excellence: Managing Performance

Dr. Robert Mikecz, the renowned academician and international management & business specialist will dwell into the reasons why improvement initiatives can fail and the benefits of OPEX as a holistic approach to improvement.   The Fairmont Dubai will host this event and will have participation from many international organizations.

Financial Accounting & Reporting

Mr. Tony Davies, acclaimed author and finance trainer, will elaborate the ways in which internal financial reporting is used to identify and rectify business problems, control costs, revenues, investment, and financing, and support profitable and value-adding decision-making. A signature finance training from GLOMACS, this event had multiple successful runs and the current one is schedule at The Fairmont Dubai.

Bidding, Evaluation, Negotiation & Contract Award

Ms. Helen Payne, the commercial and legal expert, will help participants in developing their skills and competencies in order for them to prepare a tender package that will attract the very best of potential bidders. This essential training for Contracts, Tendering, Purchasing & Project Management Professionals is scheduled at The Fairmont Dubai.

Tank Farm Operations and Performance

Dr. George Georgiadis, the international expert on Oil, Gas & Energy topics, will share his expertise on oil terminals and tank farms, methods of tank gauging, crude oil product specifications, product blending and tank mixing, dealing with of oil spill emergencies, cleaning of crude oil and heavy product tanks, understanding and employ a work permit system, pigging operations of oil pipelines, quality assurance and control, contingency and safety procedures. The Address Dubai Marina will be hosting this event.

Implementing Effective Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Programmes

“fix-it-before-it-breaks” is the central theme of this training delivered by  Dr. Alhussein Albarbar, the specialist in plant maintenance and machinery diagnostics. Hosted at The Fairmont Dubai, this comprehensive training seminar has been designed to benefit both qualified new professionals as well as experienced professionals who may be involved in the rollout of a comprehensive Maintenance & Asset Management process or auditing an existing process.

Effective Project Coordination & Management

Inability of many project managers to successfully apply the tools and techniques of modern project coordination and control to their projects, as well as to manage and motivate the human resources assigned to the project is one of the main reason “Why many projects frequently fail”. Working around this theme Mr. John de Newtown, project and change management specialist, will present this interesting workshop at The Fairmont Dubai.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Part of a 10 day series on Procurement and Supply Chain Management Best Practices, Prof. Dr. Perumal Magayson, leading international academician, will give new insights into developing logistics and supply chain to achieve competitive advantage. The JW Marriot Dubai will host this event.

Effective Supply Chain Management

Mr. Tony Evans, the experienced trainer specializing on logistics and supply chain will deliver an exciting and stimulating seminar is aimed at participants who need an overview of the key drivers involved when viewing supply chains from supply and demand points of view. Scheduled to deliver this in Muscat, this event has already attained full capacity and closed for further registrations.

Process Control & Safeguarding

Dr. Rodney Jacobs, International Consulting Engineer & Trainer, will deliver this workshop covering the fundamentals of safety, and the major approaches for assuring system safety for process control, including an integrated and separate systems, Fieldbus solutions, intrinsic safety, functional safety, process control design solutions, SIS, safety alarms and various international standards. This is another event scheduled in Muscat that has already attained full capacity and closed for further registrations.

Negotiation and Conflict Management in Organizations

Dr. Tom Hutcheson, the international negotiation & mediation specialist, will deliver this important training that will provide both a comprehensive strategic analysis of the negotiation process as well as the essential tools for planning and managing every negotiation. Scheduled at the Majestic Kuala Lumpur, this is a part of the 10 day series, The Strategic Leader.

Strategic Thinking & Business Planning

On this popular event Mr. Steve McGrady, the acclaimed strategy training expert shows you how to break out of responding to day-to-day problems so you can build a team or organization that is more proactive and resilient to change. Scheduled at the Kingsway Hall London, this is a part of the 10 day series, The Oxford 10-Day MBA.

If you have missed one of these finest trainings and still considering, contact one of GLOMACS competency counselors to guide you further. Be it for the upcoming week or a schedule elsewhere, the team is just there to assist you 24×7.


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