Unhappy Individuals at Work: 3 Warning Signs

July 19, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

It’s easy to spot unhappy individuals at work – they complain, bicker and display clear signs of discontent.

What about those who are quietly unhappy. Without clear signs of dissatisfaction, how can one spot those who are silently simmering and damage team morale and leave organization.

Apathy is a silent disease, killing the living spirit of a team.

If you know what to look for, apathetic employees exhibit subtle warning signs. Here are 3 Warning Signs that could rock your boat.

  1. Failure to Engage
  2. Failure to Perform
  3. Failure to Communicate

Don’t wait and assume that these problems will fix itself. It won’t. Intervene before disruptive behavior becomes a more silent, and deadly, destructive force.

Learn how to deal with performance problems and modify the behavior of employees by attending this self-paced workshop on Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances and Discipline

Get ready before it rocks you boat!

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