Want a Salary Raise?

March 2, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

How much are you worth? Ask both employees and employers the same question and you’ll probably receive very different answers.

Wishing for a higher remuneration is not essentially a bad thing. Most of us want to make more money to afford the good quality, comfy life we deserve. Is asking for a pay raise reasonable? Perhaps, yes.

But before you venture into this, be sure to prove your worth by adding value and improving your contribution to the organization. Simply put, increase your value by being worth it.

Job worth is the value that your organization places on each position (not the person). Simply put, it is the “price” of your job.

How does an organization determine the value of your job? Many established organizations go through a process called Job Evaluation to design a pay structure that is fair and reasonable for their people.

Ken Devitt is scheduled to present a GLOMACS training on job analysis and job evaluation. Participants will consider how jobs are analysed and how job evaluation can be applied to the design, development and implementation of pay and grade structures. Participants will also explore how different compensation systems can be applied to pay and grading structures and in particular the link with broader issues of employee motivation.

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