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Working Remotely – 7 Useful Hacks

March 30, 2020 © Copyright Glomacs

Whether it’s due to the current volatility or your employer’s policy, remote working is here to stay. If you have been recently required to work remotely for the next couple of weeks, here are some quick wins you can implement in order to stay productive and enjoy it.

1.Create your home office

Create your home office to boost productivity and stay focused. A simple corner table to a separate room can work well.

2.Log your time

Managing your time effectively is very important to maintain your self-discipline while working remotely. If you don’t practice this, you could risk getting stuck in your daily chores. A simple timesheet or free applications like Clockify can do wonders.

3.Create a daily routine

Set goals and stick to them. The regular office has routines – get up, go to work, go back from work, and leave all issues back in office. Remote working lacks these – that’s why it’s important to create a work schedule.

4.Take breaks

Try not to sit in front of your computer all the time. Take regular breaks, do some exercises or even yoga. Having regular breaks from your screen time can boost focus and creativity.

5.Use technology

Whatever you wish to do, there’s most likely an app for that. Some apps that might help are listed below

  • Tools for communication: Heyspace, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc
  • Tools for project management: Trello, Asana, etc
  • Tools for planning: Todoist, Wunderlist, etc
  • Tools for time management: Clockify, Toggl, TickTick, etc

6.Keep in touch

Staying in touch with your team is very important when you work from home. It is good to have regular one to one check-in so that everyone stays on the same page. Here’s when and how to communicate whether it’s by email, text, chat or other channels

  • Communicate often.
  • Communicate when you have doubts.
  • Communicate when you have questions.
  • Communicate when you have concerns.
  • Communicate when you have feedback.
  • Communicate when you have results or successes.
  • Communicate your schedule.
  • Communicate updates.
  • Communicate eloquently.
  • Communicate clearly.

7.Know when to stop (log-off)

You just walk out when you finish in a regular office environment. It is tricky when you work from home. The remedy is to schedule a non-negotiable hour when you work from home.

Remote work is the future–in fact, many believe that 9 to 5 jobs are on their way out. How do you feel about working remotely?


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